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Energy Meters

Power Meters are designed to monitor energy usage. In industrial settings, power meters are used to measure the power usage of machinery, lighting, appliances, and even entire buildings. This data can be used to reduce energy usage and save on electricity bills. Power meter supplier use power meters to help determine when a machine is malfunctioning or wearing out. Revenue Grade Power Meters are utilized in residential or commercial buildings to bill tenants individually for energy use. As a professional energy meter supplier, Acrel energy meter factory provides premium energy meters for sale for you. If you take interest in energy meters wholesale, do contact us.

Types of Energy Meters

  • Energy Meter Working Principle

    Smart electric energy meters by some energy meter supplier use shunts or current transformers to turn current signals into small signals that can be used for electronic measurement, and use different types of energy meters voltage dividers or voltage transformers to turn voltage signals into small signals that can be used for electronic measurement, and then use dedicated energy measurement. The chip converts analogue signals from voltage transformers and current transformers into digital signals, and performs digital integration operations on them, and then outputs a pulse signal whose frequency is proportional to the electrical energy. The pulse signal is sent to the microcomputer for processing and then displayed on the liquid crystal. This is the general power meter working principle and Acrel energy meter factory can provide you high-quality energy meters 

  • Energy Meter Function

    Display power, demand, voltage, current, power, time, remaining amount and other values, the number of display digits is not less than 8 digits, and the display decimal place can be set; the displayed value unit should adopt the national legal unit of measurement, such as kW, Kvar, kWh, kvarh, V, A, etc.

    Measure operating parameters such as total and split-phase active power, reactive power, power factor, split-phase voltage, split-phase current, frequency and so on.

    Alarm functions include loss of voltage, loss of current, reverse sequence, overload, battery Undervoltage, etc.

    It has dual protection measures of programming switch and programming password to prevent unauthorized persons from performing programming operations. The electric energy meter can only be programmed in the state of allowing programming, and the broadcast time calibration and meter reading operations are not controlled by the programming switch.

    Acrel is one of the most professional power meter suppliers in the world, and we have premium kwh meters for sale for you to choose.



Applications of Energy Meters

A power meter is easy to use, accurate and is the preferred instrument for cost effective power measurement solutions for a wide range of applications, such as: Production line testing of electric devices, evaluation of large current equipment, battery or DC driven device evaluation, quality assurance, efficiency measurement for industrial motors, rotating machinery and calibration labs, for installation and maintenance tasks and partly for R&D. It is also used to measure GRID power.

Energy Meter FAQ

How can I monitor my energy usage at home?


To get specics regardingyour energy usage, you only need one tool, relly: an electricityusage monitor that tlls you exactly how many kWh adevice or appliance is drawing. The monitor can be as simple as a "plug load" monitor that plugs into an outlet; then you plugthe device/aplliance into the monitor.

What should I do if there is no display on the power meter?


Check whether the supply voltage is within the operating voltage range.

What if the readings of voltage, current or electricity on Acrel energy meter are incorrect?


Check that the voltage/current ratio Settings are correct;

Check whether the wiring mode setting is consistent with the actual situation;

Check whether the voltage transformer and current transformer are in good condition.

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